What is an egg vibrator?

What is an egg vibrator

Egg Vibrators is a women sex toys in the shape of an egg or bullet. That way it is sold in bullet vibrator category. That sex toy is small in size and portable that make it ideal for travel. Due to its size, egg vibrators can be inserted in the vagina and anal directly. Both men and women may use this. It is also famous as a woman's toy mainly, but mans toys is also popular in Sex toys in India.

Egg vibrators are available in varieties from material to features. Egg vibrators made by rubber, silicone, plastic or metal. Egg vibrators is small in size but still give powerful vibrations and focused on the clitoris and vagina stimulation. Men can also use this to stimulate the penis and testicles. Egg Vibrators is best to begin the sex toys in the sexual pleasure.

Egg Vibrators is mostly wired remote control. You can adjust the level of vibration from outside when egg vibrator is inside the vagina. Be careful to insert egg vibrator in the anus. The cord can take insertion difficult. Vibrating eggs can be used in solo masturbation, in foreplay, and sexual intercourse with partner.

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Its history

Its history

Why egg vibrators or vibrators came in the market. The only purpose is to pleasure the people. Vibrators has been used from last 20th century. On this time, when women feel anxiety, irritability, nervousness, heaviness in the lower abdomen, wetness between the legs, and erotic fantasies, then doctor term it as "hysteria".

The cure the hysteria doctor stimulate the women's genital. From then vibrators ideas came. Then in 188 first electric vibrators came as sex toy to pleasure the women's genital. In 1902, an American home application company introduce the handheld electric vibrators. As time passes, vibrators structure and function change according to the needs.

Then capsule type vibrators is advance version of these vibrators. This capsule type vibrators later known as egg vibrator. Not enough, day b day egg vibrators get updated and adapt new feature like wireless, waterproof, different vibration modes, material, shapes, color, etc. Egg Vibrators are best for quiet vibration. Women can use it in public places too.