History of sex toys in India

History of sex toys in India

Now a day, sex toys is key to pleasure and fulfill the sexual desires. We all curious about how sex toy came in India. Here is history regarding sex toys in India.

28,000 BC

This is the first time that counts as the pre-historic era for sex toys. In Germany, phallus found that known as the oldest sex toy. historical Text and images clear that phalluses size stone or sex toys are made of stone, wood, leather and even camel dung.

400 BC-200 AD

Times passes, in that time period, The Kamasutra sculpture of Ancient India suggest that peoples have penis piercing by accessories made of gold, ivory and wood. This could be done to increase the length of penis and enhance the female pleasure woman toys while making sexual relation.

1200 AD

In 1200 AD, the Chinese invented the cock rings for a male to stay for longer. Chinese invent cock rings to solve a male problem to not satisfy the women. It eliminates the sexual pressure.

1869 AD

In 1869 AD, Doctor notice that women were suffering from the "hysteria". Doctor cures the Hysteria by stimulating the women genial. This is a bit tough with hands, so doctor invented the first vibrators sex toys. This vibrator is powerful and easy to use. It is handy women start it using for pleasure the genital.

1902 AD

In 1902 AD, first electric vibrator introduced by the Blender. Women start using it for self-pleasure and masturbation. Just have to charge it and then use it.


In 1966, first wireless vibrators came on the market. As day pass, sex toys vibrators upgraded and gain new features and specification. Wireless vibrator eliminates the wire from the vibrators. This wireless vibrator introduces by the JH Travel. It makes women's sexual life easy. Women can wireless vibrators anywhere, anytime.


The famous magic wand massager and vibrators were introduced in the 1970. First magic wand manufactured by Hitachi. Magic wand vibrator can be used in a sexual act or relieve pain on whole body parts. Pornography world starts using magic wand vibrator sex toys in their content.

Sex toys can be used be both men and women and old and young. Over the years passes, various sex toys develop and designed to improve the sexual life of men and women to double the own pleasure.